It's Ok to Doubt

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I watch TV. Maybe, I watch way too much of it. One of my regular habits is to watch the evening news. I tell myself that I am watching it to find out the weather for tomorrow and for the next five days. Instead, I am bombarded with stories of mishap, misfortune, tragedy, and chaos. As I watch, I often think about why a loving God would do such a thing? In the last week alone, the United States went through devastating tornadoes, floods sweeping homes away, and another mass shooting. I cannot begin to imagine what these individuals must be going through at a time when things just seem to fall apart. Moreover, I can understand how at these very difficult times it is easier to doubt God’s power and existence and question- Why?

As Christians, we are taught that these years on earth are to be used wisely and to be enjoyed, but it’s all in preparation for the greater life to come. I think at times we forget that our faith in God, doesn’t constitute that we are deserving of a perfect life, but instead, a perfect eternity.

Pain and suffering sucks. There is no doubt that we would rather have things work out the way we hoped for, but as we already know things are what they are. It is inevitable that a situation in our lives will not turn out the way we thought. As God’s children, we will pout and throw our tantrum like a four year old being reprimanded by a loving parent. That pain and suffering awakens us to God. God wants us to return to Him at our most difficult times.  He wants us to remember our purpose here on earth. Most often great pain is used as a tool to reinforce our purpose. We often hear the phrase “No Pain. No Gain.” Maybe, we need to apply that same mentality in order to grow our hearts stronger to God’s love. Maybe it’s ok that enduring great pain now brings about everlasting happiness later.

Each and every day God provides us with choices. He provides us with the ability to choose between what to do and what not to do. God continues to test us. He continues to push us toward things we find nearly impossible. It’s this testing and judging that we often hate the most. So, we must choose for ourselves in which direction we should take. Do we allow God to lead us? Or, do we allow ourselves to reject Him?

I believe that each of us endures our own pain and suffering that sometimes doesn’t hit the evening news telecast. Each of us will undergo tragedy, loss, and triumphant. My hope is that when things get to be so hard and difficult that we can take a step back and still see God. I hope we have the strength to get ourselves out of our own way to see that life in itself isn’t about us. That our lives and actions are all for the Glory of God.

My prayers go out to those who are suffering and going through devastation and tragedy. I hope God fills your minds and hearts to find that peace to live out today and the days to come. Let us hope that our faith remains strong in Him, who will deliver us from all this hardship.